College Management

Reigate College has a talented, motivated and exceptionally well qualified body of staff. In addition to the Principal, Deputy Principals and Associate Principals, the College is managed via a team of Directors of Learning, Pastoral Directors and other Key Directors.

Governing Body

The College's governing body is known as the Corporation and consists of representatives from the following groups:

  • College students
  • College staff
  • parents
  • local business

The Corporation has ultimate responsibility for the strategic management of Reigate College. Anyone wishing to attend a Corporation meeting should contact the Clerk of the Corporation  Please also contact Jon if you wish to be considered as a future governor.


The following documents may be of interest:

Governors' Handbook

Self Assessment Report

Freedom of Information Policy


Corporation minutes:

2016-17:  September 2016 | December 2016

2015-16:  September 2015 | December 2015 | March 2016 | July 2016

2014-15:  September 2014 | December 2014 | March 2015 | May 2015 | July 2015


Financial Statements:

Report and Financial Statements for year ended 31 July 2016

Report and Financial Statements for year ended 31 July 2015

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