Information for Current Parents

Students are more likely to be successful if an effective partnership exists between them, their teachers and their parents or guardians.

This page is intended to help develop this partnership by keeping parents and guardians in touch with what’s happening at Reigate College.

All enrolled students have access to the College virtual learning environment ‘Moodle’. This is a place where a huge amount of information is stored including information relating to their courses and examinations. Students can access Moodle via the Reigate Portal (please see the link at the top of this webpage). If you are interested in taking a look at the information stored on Moodle, please ask your son or daughter to show you around it.

The College's Handbook for Parents and Guardians contains detailed information about many aspects of College life. A copy of the Handbook is provided at the start of a student's first year at Reigate.

College Security: please note, all visitors to the College must sign in at the College Reception in order to receive a visitor’s pass.

Useful additional information:


Term and Holiday dates

College term and holiday dates 2017-18

College term and holiday dates 2018-19

For information about what’s happening around the College, please take a look at the Calendar and other areas on this website.


Reigate College Pay

The College’s on-line payment system can be used to top up refectory cards, make payments for College Trips and Visits and make donations to the College Fund.  Parents of enrolled students will have been sent a letter giving details of how to access this system at the beginning of their son or daughter's first term. Any queries should be directed to


Interim Reports

Interim reports for each student are sent home four times a year, usually in October, December, January and March. They are accompanied by letters which will be uploaded to this page (see below).

Communication and Information

During each academic year various letters are emailed home to parents and guardians, so please look out for them. If you have not been receiving this information please let us know at the earliest opportunity by emailing

Letters home cover important topics such as:

  • Public examinations
  • Timetabling arrangements (including timetable changes at the end of the summer term)
  • Information about Higher Education and Careers
  • Progression to the second year of courses

Please see below copies of recent correspondence for the academic year 2017/2018

Hyperlinks will be added as the information becomes available:

  • Letter to accompany Handbook for Parents and Guardians
  • Progression Day letter
  • Letter from Principal with key College dates
  • Examination Results and Textbook Returns Information

Interim Reports 2017-18

October: First Interim Report  Letter from the Principal - Upper 6th | Letter from the Principal - Lower 6th and Intermediate | Level 2 Progression Policy 2017-18  | Level 3 Progression Policy 2017-18 | Interim Report Explanation of Terms and Procedures

December: Second Interim Report - Upper 6th | Lower 6th | Intermediate Students | Intermediate Exams 2017-18

February: Third Interim Report - Upper 6th | Lower 6th | Intermediate Students | AS to A2 Progression

March: Fourth Interim Report - Upper 6th | Lower 6th | Intermediate Students | L6 Important dates and Progression Policy

Lower 6th and Intermediate Parents' Evenings February 2018

L6 and Intermediate Parents' Evening letter | Appointment sheet for students with surname A-J (20 February 2018) | Appointment sheet for students with surname K-Z (27 February 2018)

Upper 6th Parents' Evenings November 2017

U6 Parents' Evening letter | Appointment sheet for students with surname A-K (31 October 2017) | Appointment sheet for students with surname L-Z (7 November 2017)


Counselling and Support

We find that some students in the 16-19 range sometimes have emotional difficulties and would like to draw your attention to NHS information: First Steps Guide to Emotional Health for Young People aged 16 to 24 which could be helpful to them/you. The site contains strategies/tools suggested to help manage emotions:
See also the Parent Handbook published by Surrey County Council, which contains lots of useful information and links.
We also find that some families need support with personal matters and would ask parents to visit Familyline on
The College offers confidential counselling for students via the Relate Young Persons Counselling Service which provides a counsellor on site three times a week. Please visit the Counselling webpage to find out more.


The internet and Social Media have become a regular part of everyday communication with others, particularly for our students. There is a multitude of social media mediums that our students use and this document is a useful guide for parents/guardians. 

Careers Bulletins:

Please click the link to read the latest Careers Bulletin.  These are emailed to all students on a weekly basis, along with the Student Bulletin.

Annual Review:

Re-wind 2016-2017
View online interactive version
Download PDF [7MB]


On Route Newsletters:

The College produces termly On Route newsletters, designed to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening around the campus. These are usually a very good read, so please make sure your son or daughter does their job and gives them to you! Please see past copies below:

2017-2018   December

2016-2017   December | March

2015-2016   December | March | June

2014-2015   December | March | June

2013-2014   December | March | June

2012-2013   December | March | June

2011-2012   December | March | June

2010-2011   March | June


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