Centre for Research in Education

Centre for Research in Education

It is a foundation of being a professional that you are reflective and seek constant improvement in your practice. As a teacher this means constantly interrogating what happens in and outside of the classroom – all teachers do this almost without realising and in a very informal, day-to-day manner.

At Reigate College we strive to capture this attitude of reflection and harness it to bring the full benefit to our students’ education that it promises. Our aim in creating the Centre for Research in Education (CRE) is to:

“Foster a spirit of intellectual enquiry amongst college staff and in collaboration with our partners”

Specifically the CRE can be viewed as a central hub for all research activities that take place at the college, in order to:

  • Support and promote all informal action research projects within the college
  • Provide guidance to formal action research projects and seek HE accreditation for them
  • Launch collaborative research projects with our HEI partners
  • Facilitate external research projects with HEI partners or other outside agencies

The CRE is staffed by Nicola Sowe, our Head of Research, who is the main point of contact for all enquiries. As well as leading educational researcher herself, she will offer support in research methodology to other research projects.

It is our hope that the CRE will act as a gateway to the outside research community and within the college stimulate staff to consider their practice, both formally and informally.

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